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Volvo Owners' Most Common Concerns and Complaints

by All Vovo on 11/18/16

We've been an independent Volvo repair shop for over 30 years. There is a vast array of issues that we solve on a weekly basis and with various areas of these Volvo cars, but there are a few of the most common issues that tend to come up. Here are four of the most common complaints and what you can do about them TOGETHER with your Volvo mechanic.

"My tail lights and/or headlights burn out too quickly"
You should start to get a grip on this situation by checking your lights every week or so. Go through and check, so that you know exactly now long they are lasting or going out. It could be just one of the lights or multiple. You'd be wise to also carry some extra bulbs in your Volvo at all times. In some of the older models of Volvo, there is a tendency to have problems with fuses. Your Volvo mechanic can remove these and check for corrosion, plus cleaning the terminals may help. After following these steps, if an issue remains, you may need a larger examination with an electrical system check.

"My Volvo's transmission has a hard time shifting."
Some Volvo models are a little more notorious for transmission problems and it usually shows up most often when shifting gears. The best way to handle this is to have your transmission serviced regularly and to have your transmission fluid changed as often as makes sense. This is your best bet to protect against mechanical failures in the transmission.

"The dashboard warning lights and "check engine" light keep coming on. What do I do?"
These warning lights are there to protect you and your car against serious malfunction and damage. It's unfortunate though, that the very sensor that is supposed to alert you, can also be faulty, which means there is no BIG PROBLEM, just a sensor that needs to be replaced. Your only two steps here are: (1) to make sure you check all your fluid levels and top them off, and get your oil pressure, emergency brake, and airbag checked when you come in for service; and (2) to never hesitate and bring your car to your Volvo repair shop if a light comes on at all. Your regular maintenance will help put your mind at ease, but there is no way to know if you actually have an issue or a bad sensor. Play it safe and bring the car in to your trusted Volvo mechanic.

"My Volvo is idling very rough and is clunky when I put it into gear"
We hear this one a bit too. Motor mount failure is somewhat common with Volvos, especially the ones located on the top of the engine. It's a good idea to ask if your Volvo repair shop will inspect the all of your motor mounts at each regular service. The best way to handle it is to catch the problem early and avoid more expensive repairs.

You can see a pattern here that having a Volvo repair shop and a specialist you can trust is really important. You want to find a shop that you can communicate with and voice your concerns. We encourage the drivers who come to us, to be aware and check on many of the car's systems as often as they can. If you happen to be reading this and happen to be looking for a Volvo Repair Shop in Seattle WA, well then we'd love see you and your Volvo. Our aim is to keep your Volvo running for longer and as cost-effectively as possible. If you live elsewhere, we hope you enjoyed this informative post, and we encourage you to use an expert Volvo mechanic for your special vehicle.

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