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Tire Checks and Tire Safety: How to make sure your tires are safe for the road

by All Vovo on 04/04/16

As spring and summer rolls around you may be thinking of those road trips that you are planning in the good weather. Since the winter months can be hard on your vehicle before you head out in your car you will may want to do a spring evaluation of your car—and this includes inspecting your tires. Regular tire checks and awareness of tire safety is important- especially as the seasons change.

At All Vovo we handle almost everything you need for your Volvo, and we'll be glad to check your tires when you bring in your Volvo to us but if you would like to do a quick inspection yourself here are some things to do:

1) Check your tire pressure in each tire and inflate, if necessary. Having properly inflated tires will help your car perform better and also save your money on gas. It will also keep your tires’ edges from waring prematurely. Also continued low tire pressure in one tire will give you an indication that your tire may have a slow leak.

2) Look at your tire’s tread wear. For each tire you can visually inspect the tread- a heavily worn tire can be dangerous on the road and is a strong indicator that you may need a new tire/s.

3) Inspect and identify any cracks or inconsistencies in your tires. The tires on your car should not have bulges, cracks or other irregularities. Variations in the tire can signify a problem with the tire and should be checked out to avoid a blowout.

4) Listen for strange noises coming from the tires. When you are driving and hear thumping, whistling or other noises coming from the tires you may have a problem. From this point you will want to bring in your car and have an alignment inspection as this is a sign that you may need an alignment, new shocks or new tires.

5) Pay attention to vibrations. If you are feeling pulsations originating from the rear tires you may have tires that are out of balance and need correction.

Having tires that are too worn for safety on the road can present a serious safety hazard. Check your tires, find a good tire place to get new ones on your care. If you notice that your Volvo is in need of any other services, bring in your car to All Vovo today- we are ready to help!

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