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6 Simple Ways to be a Good Defensive Driver

by All Vovo on 12/07/15

As the cold weather rolls in, it can be increasingly hazardous to be on the road. It can be difficult to drive in the Greater Seattle area even during the best driving conditions, but when you are dealing with the normal traffic along with adverse weather, such as hail, darkness, ice, and extreme rain, it is important to drive defensively. Below are some defensive driving tips that we all should review periodically that may keep you safe on the road this winter.

1) Do not follow too closely to the car in front of you. Especially during the winter, when the roads can be slippery, you will want to keep a safe driving distance of at least 3-4 seconds. Keeping a safe distance will increase the time you have to react in case of a road hazard. Reacting to problems early will also tip off the car behind you that there is an issue and give them more time to react as well.

2) Decrease and rid yourself of distractions whenever possible. We have all heard this but it is important to pay complete attention to the road to give you time to react to potential problems. Texting, talking on the phone, playing with the radio may take your focus away from making quick, safe driving decisions, and can lead to crashes and fatalities.

3) Stay away from “bad” drivers. Look for cars that are changing lanes quickly, driving above the speed limit, are tailgating or are on their cell phone-- and keep a safe distance away. When drivers make unsafe decisions while on the road they leave those cars around them with less reaction time to avoid hazards.

4) Keep aware of what is going on around you. Keep your eye on what is happening on the road ahead of you and note potential problems- this involves more than just focusing on the car directly in front of you. Knowing what is happening on the road will give you additional time to slow down, change lanes or swerve (if necessary).

5) Follow road signs. Road signs can be helpful when advising you of changes and possible dangers during driving. Signs are placed to help a driver know what to do and what is going on. If the sign indicates to stop make sure that you fully stop and look at both sides of the road before proceeding. Pay close attention when a sign is indicate road or lane closure or merging.

Stay safe on the road this season by being (or becoming) a defensive driver which will help you navigate the driving conditions and the drivers on the road. We hope you have a great holiday season and if you have any questions about ways that you can stay safe on the road give us a call today. All Vovo is ready to make your Volvo car ready as it can be for the winter conditions. Call on us for brake repair, alignment, oil changes, maintenance, and anything else that could keep you and your Volvo safer this Winter season.

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