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Regular Volvo Service at an Independent Volvo Shop

by All Vovo on 08/19/13

We found a great article (and a hilarious one at that), that outlines the Top Ten Car Maintenance Mistakes. The author, Tom Wilson, runs through the ins and outs of what folks often ignore in their vehicle's maintenance. (Find it here: )

I loved the part where Tom reminds us that cars have gotten far easier to maintain, and need about "as much maintenance as a toaster". Funny stuff.  The real funny thing is that it seems to have made us all even MORE complacent about what our cars need and how NOT to procrastinate if a real issue is presenting itself.

Please, read over this comprehensive list! I will also add to this information that all of the tire inflation, brake, and air filter concerns are something that your Volvo specialist (like All Vovo) is pleased to handle for you on every oil change. This is a great list to keep you Volvo drivers aware of the kinds of things to look out for, but don't be intimidated, we are glad to keep you knowledgeable about your own car.  It does, though, require that you bring your vehicle to us---at least for a regular oil change.

More importantly, there are the regular servicing/maintenance schedule that is designated for your Volvo! This is part of the plan for HOW your Volvo can run so long and strong for you.  The catch is that you need to get it in for this regular service ON SCHEDULE!  Generally, it's a 30K, 60K, 90K mileage-type plan, but you MUST consult your owners manual.  When it's time, get it in to us immediately, regardless of whether you've noticed any problems.

Lastly, we want to assure you that All Vovo can take care of this regular servicing at a reasonable price and there is NO REASON why you have to bring a car back to the dealership to maintain the car's warranty. If, for instance, you have a 100,000-mile warranty, and you come due for your service, the dealership holds no special importance over an independent Volvo shop like ours for Volvo Service.  In fact, the only time it makes any difference, is if something brakes that is under warranty.  Then you should take it to the dealership and get the warrantied parts fixed for free!

So, don't hesitate!  Check your owner's manual right now, and get an idea of when you will need to bring your Volvo to a specialist like us.  It will save you a ton of money, just by letting a Seattle Volvo mechanic like us handle the maintenance and get a look at all of the vital systems.  You can sit back, relax, and let professionals keep you safe and help you avoid costly repairs. 


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