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Keep up on Volvo Repairs Seattle - Get to 3 million miles!

by All Vovo on 07/26/12

Have you heard about this guy in Long Island, NY who's about to pass 3 million miles in his 1966 Volvo?! Well, if you haven’t, you can do a quick search, or read this article here: Man Nears 3 million mile mark in 1966 Volvo (NY Daily News).

Auto repair guys are ALWAYS talking about "bringing your car in" to make sure it's running right and therefore can last longer and save you from more costly repairs. On top of that, us Volvo guys are SO PROUD of the engineering and quality of Volvo throughout the years and I'm sure many claim that these cars seem like they could "go on forever". Still, it's quite shocking to see that someone has pretty much demonstrated that it IS POSSIBLE and, that’s right, he’s doing it in a Volvo!

Irvin Gordon has had repairs like the rest of us.....he has the original engine, but it has been rebuilt twice, the article says. It seems that he takes care of some of the upkeep himself, but it also mentions one of the mechanics he has trusted over the years.

Not only is it an amazing milestone and a fun moment-in-the-sun for this retired schoolteacher, it’s also a statement on Volvo quality---you knew I'd say that. The bigger statement though, is on the idea that proper upkeep and consistent attention to the needs of your car are the keys to making sure you get all of the life you can out of it. No one's promising that your Volvo will make it to 3 million miles, but in this day and age, it's important to get the value out of everything you have. Money may be tight, but your best value is NOT in holding out on needed repairs and upkeep, it's in spending the money on the small stuff to make sure you get stronger, better life out of your current vehicle, and avoiding larger repairs.

Yeah, it's also a nice little piece for the pride Seattle Volvo owners and of Volvo owners everywhere. Nice work Mr. Gordon. Here's to your amazing milestone!

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