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Independent Volvo Service has it's advantages over the Volvo dealership

by All Vovo on 08/10/16

When you choose to purchase a Volvo you are getting safety, reliability, and longevity. These cars are quality made and are constructed to stand the test of time. To preserve the life of your Volvo and keep your car on the road you will want to find professional Volvo repair specialists that will provide the proper maintenance, and repairs when necessary.

You will want to ensure the job is done correctly with genuine Volvo factory parts; and if you are also looking for affordability without sacrificing specific Volvo expertise, you may want to look beyond the dealership to an independent Volvo service shop- like All Vovo.

With using an independent Volvo shop, you get all the Volvo repair experience (at a fraction of dealership pricing) WITHOUT VOIDING YOUR WARRANTY. According to the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act of 1975 the owner of the vehicle can choose where to get repair work completed. The consumer has the absolute right to keep to the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule at any qualified, professional repair shop. A specific Volvo service shop has been trained in all maintenance and repairs that are needed on Volvos and also will use original manufacturer replacement parts.

When you choose an independent Volvo service shop you will be choosing convenience, and service to go along with your cost savings. With independent auto shops, like All Vovo, you get care and a partnership. When you go independent you get conveniently located, quick to serve shops and work directly with the mechanics--instead of just service managers, like most dealerships have. Along with warrantied services at cost-effective prices you are also choosing to invest locally.

At All Vovo we have been solely focused on Volvo repair in Seattle and the surrounding areas since 1982. The All Vovo team offers to not only fix your car right but stand behind our work with exceptional service, prompt scheduling, shuttle service, loaner cars, and a two-year warranty on all of our parts. We are the local Volvo experts that Seattle has come to rely on for over thirty years. If you have a question or need to schedule repair for your Volvo- give us a call!

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