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If Nothing Else, CHANGE YOUR OIL!

by All Vovo on 06/05/18

Car care is our thing. It's our job, it's our business, and it's something we are excited about in our off-time too. But, it's not YOUR thing, right? That's why you need a mechanic, and that's just fine. Folks who don't know as much about cars can probably begin to get confused as to what they need done and when to do it with their car or truck. It would be great if you could find a mechanic that you can trust, and we try to be just that for everyone who comes to us with their Volvo. We will make ONE THING CLEAR though: Even if you are going to procrastinate or neglect repairs or services, IF NOTHING ELSE, CHANGE YOUR OIL!

Oil changes are the simplest step to maintain a healthy engine. Why? Well, the engine oil is there to cool, to clean, to seal, and most of all to lubricate the engine---the most important (and expensive) component to driving a vehicle.

You must change your oil regularly because contaminants build up in the oil. And also, many vehicles have the tendency to burn oil up, and an oil change allows you (or us) the opportunity to get fluid levels corrected.  In some cases, you may need to add oil if the engine is burning it up, and some may think that adding oil alone would solve the need for an oil change, but this is dangerous thinking.

Contaminants naturally build up as your oil is pushed through the mechanical parts that make up your engine. If these aren't cleared out through an oil change, eventually your engine may cease up, catch fire, overheat, or even melt down. It's actually a near GUARANTEE that one of these will happen if you procrastinate on oil changes long enough.

Often times folks will bring us a Volvo that they have gotten cheaply, or had given to them by family, and want us to help them "fix it up." Sometimes the lack of care for the oil changes, and ultimately for the engine, makes the damage irreparable. It's funny too, because many of the car's systems can be neglected and then be corrected as simply as they would have any other time. Other systems can be restored at a reasonable cost, even though they've been left in disrepair. So, when we get these old and neglected vehicles we can bring them "back to life" in many cases, but if the oil changes were left out, we have a MUCH harder time getting the engine to work well, and there's usually not much you can do to change that.

This is why our simplest advice of all, for Volvo owners, and owners of ANY vehicle out there is...."If Nothing Else, CHANGE YOUR OIL!"

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