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Four reasons your Volvo needs to be seen more often

by All Vovo on 08/19/14

Of course it's always the auto repair facility that's urging you to bring your car in to the shop more often. The consumer automatically becomes averse, seeing the possibility of spending more money on repairs or fixes that may or may not be necessary. For a trusted and reputable auto mechanic, though, the motivation behind telling you to try and bring your car (or Volvo in this case) in to be seen more often is actually to save YOU money.

A shop like ours, which happens to specialize in Volvo Repair, is dedicated to giving an accurate idea of what is going on with your car. We try to make sure you get your repairs and services done before damage occurs, but not so early as to keep you from getting full "life" out of your current parts and fluids.

Here are four reasons that you should take your Volvo to a mechanic like us MORE often, in order to save yourself money.

1. Oil changes - Oil changes are the reason most folks see a mechanic at all without their being a noticeable problem. Cars vary, but usually, you want to try and get this changed at around every 3,000 miles. Some cars can go further, but you do not want to continue procrastinating. Dirty and worn out oil can significantly harm your engine and the cost of an oil changes is pretty minimal.  Also, bringing your car in for these more often can help you stay on top of the other areas on this list!

2. Brakes - Your brakes have parts that are meant to wear and be replaced over time, like your brake pads. There are also portions, like your rotors, that need servicing less often, but periodically they must be re-surfaced or replaced. If you allow your brake pads to wear down to nothing, your costs increase greatly!  Rotors, calipers, and even your brake hoses can all be worn down quicker and cost you much more money, even the need for all new brakes for your Volvo

At All Vovo, we try to give an accurate depiction of the current brake pad wear, and how much more "life" you can safely get out of them. If we say you need the pads replaced, we are never messing around.  We want to save you the hassle.

3. Timing Belts - Your timing belt needs to be replaced every 50,000 to 90,000 miles (check your owners manual for specifics). You also have to watch out and replace the belt if it is cracked or degraded at all. If this belt were EVER to brake, it wrecks your engine and ends up costing you thousands, instead of only hundreds of dollars. It's a simple check, and even if there are no cracks or visible wear, get this done in the recommended window for your car.

When the replacement occurs, the mechanic should make sure to replace tensioners, sprockets, and seals as part of the procedure---it's the right way to do it. To save you money we recommend taking the opportunity to replace your water pump at the same time (even if it is not yet leaking). 

4. Wheel Alignment - Are you noticing your car pull to one side or are you experiencing uneven wear on your tires? You may need a proper wheel alignment. On average, you should have an alignment check at least every 6 months to a year. Proper wheel alignment is important for getting the most life out of your tires.

When you bring your car in for almost any service we check tire pressure, check tire wear, and inspect your current alignment via proper testing. We can provide alignment readings that will let us know exactly what to adjust and fix when it comes to the camber, caster, and toe angles. We will get them back to manufacturer specifications and get you back on the road. Getting your vehicle aligned properly get all of your wheels pointing in a straight line, which reduces resistance, vibrations and irregular tire wear, which will increase your car's fuel efficiency.

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