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Car Maintenance Tips: The Simplest and Most Basic Things to Check On!

by All Vovo on 08/12/15

When you own a car of any make, model, or year it is important to take care of it so that you can extend the life of your vehicle, and navigate away from the more costly repairs and overhauls. What are the most important car care tips? It all comes down to preventative maintenance and regular checks- fixing a small problem before it effects that major systems in your car. Below is the most basic, quick maintenance tips that will help keep your car on the road and your car’s systems running smoothly. 

1) Take the time to inspect your vehicle regularly. 
This involves opening the hood of the car and looking at the engine, inspecting the tires for proper inflation, and checking to make sure that your car is not leaking any fluids. You will also want to be aware if any of your car’s warning lights are on or if there is excess or colored smoke being emitted from your vehicle while running. Also look for ware on your radiator and make sure that there are no loose wires coming from your vehicle.

2) Every 3,000 miles get your oil changed and your fluid levels checked.
Changing your oil will help keep your car running at its best and get rid of junk around your engine. Also your oil lubricates the parts in your engine- over time oil thickens and loses its effectiveness and will begin to damage your engine. Also ensuring you have proper fluid levels will keep your car from overheating and make sure the major systems in your car can run.

3) Have your belts and hoses inspected every six months. 
Timing belts will need to be changed every 60-90k miles. Replacing damaged or worn belts and hoses before they break will save you time, money and other major repairs.

4) Make sure you follow your car’s care manual and have service check-ups at 30k, 60k, and 90k miles. Your vehicle’s manufacturer may have specific repair instructions- it is important to know what the recommended auto services are for your vehicle.

5) To preserve the life of your tires have them rotated and inspected every 7,000 miles and try to buy only tires that include “Road Hazard Coverage”. 

When you give your car simple preventative maintenance you are saving money by avoiding major repairs and keeping your car on the road for longer. You will also keep yourself and your passengers safer by following these guidelines. All Vovo is always ready to inspect and repair anything your car needs- if you have any questions about additional car care tips or if you need any routine maintenance give us a call today!

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