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To check your Volvo maintenance schedule consult you owner's manual. We can take care of all of these regular maintenance services. Some of the traditional parts and services that are taken care of during a "tune-up" are listed below:

Spark Plugs: Spark plugs are good indicators of engine condition. Removing and inspecting spark plugs tell you a lot about how well the engine is running.

Distributor Cap & Rotor: Both the distributor cap and the rotor are usually plastic and can deteriorate with age and use. Cracks may develop, allowing moisture in. The metal contacts on both can then corrode and cause misfiring.

Oil Filters - Oil filters help prevent unnecessary engine wear. The job of the oil filter is to remove soot, rust particles and other solid contaminants from the oil. Oil filters should be replaced with engine oil every 3,000 miles or so.

Air Filters - Air filters remove dirt by trapping particles as air passes through the filter media. They also protect the carburetor in older cars, preventing dirt from clogging the air bleeds and metering jets. They protect fuel injectors in later-model autos.

Fuel Filter - Contaminants can get into your fuel system and if not trapped by the fuel filter, they can clog the injector inlet screens. If dirt reaches the injector itself, it can clog or damage the pintle valve and seat. In older cars, dirt can plug the carburetor's fuel metering orifices.
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