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We can handle any volvo regular maintenance services.  The main services are every 30,000 miles (30K, 60K, 90K).  When you check your volvo manual you will also find a extensive schedule of servicing checks that should be performed, every 7,500 miles.   
Remember that we can handle your Volvo Service needs and you can maintain your warranty through us. We offer Volvo Service Seattle has trusted for over 30 years!

Volvo recommends these services be completed:

 COOLANT FLUID LEVEL, CHECK/ADJUST - Maintains proper operating temperature for longer engine life, avoids possibility of dangerous overheating
 SERVICE REMINDER INDICATOR (SRI), CHECK/RESET - Clears codes for next scheduled service
 POWER STEERING FLUID LEVEL, CHECK/ADJUST - Helps assure smooth, responsive steering performance
 TIRES - CHECK PRESSURE, WEAR AND CONDITION - Check spare tire pressure every two years.
• BRAKE FLUID LEVEL, CHECK - Assures proper braking performance
• BRAKE PADS, CHECK WEAR - Worn-out pads will result in irregular braking, reduced stopping power and damage to rotors (discs).
 ALL WIPER BLADES, CHECK - Insures good visibility for driving safety.
 WASHER FLUID LEVEL, CHECK/ADJUST - Assures fluid is available when needed

• BEVELGEAR, VISUALINSPECTION - All-wheel drive models only. Helps assure proper all wheel drive performance
• CABIN AIR FILTER, REPLACE - Volvo recommends filter be replaced once a year or more, often in heavy traffic or dirty/dusty areas. Helps maintain cleaner environment inside the car. Filters pollen, road dust, spores and bacteria.
• PARKING BRAKE, CHECK/ADJUST - Assures proper cable tension is maintained.
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