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Your car heater can malfunction due to:
Your Volvo's heating system, whether old or new, is not just there for comfort, but for safety. The mornings get chilly for half of the year here in the Seattle area, and you probably will not be comfortable freezing your toes off---so, yes, you'd probably get it fixed. If you think that you can put off the repair, remember that defrost & defog must function correctly to be a safe driver. Your Volvo heating system is more than a luxury component. Get it fixed ASAP!
  • Low antifreeze in the cooling system
  • The blower fan ceasing to work
  • Contaminated coolant that isn't cycling
Your volvo generates a ton of heat just by running the engine, so you have a cooling system with antifreeze coolant, and a radiator to expel the heat. To warm your volvo, your heater core draws heat into the cabin of the vehicle. The hot coolant runs into the heater core and your blower pushes the radiating heat from the core through your vents.

If anything from the list of issues above is going on, then you won't get that heat moving around to where you need it and away from where you don't need it. A faulty cooling system can also compromise your engine, so you really can't hesitate to get this fixed. Call All Vovo today to get your Volvo heater repair in Seattle.
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  • A broken thermostat
  • A broken heater core
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