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Your best bet when getting your car serviced is to take it to a repair facility that knows your particular type of vehicle well. You can get this service from the dealership that sells that brand of vehicle- or from a specialist shop.  

We are an independent Volvo Service shop, we provide a similar level of knowledge and understanding of the Volvo at the dealership, but there is much more VALUE in bringing you car to us.   
We have a great many customers who choose to take their vehicles to us, and have noted the level of personable service we can provide. We are locally-owned and operated, and can take the time to get to know you and your Volvo. Our services provide FAR MORE VALUE than the dealership and many of our repairs are quite LESS expensive than the dealerships.

Is your Volvo under warranty? You are NOT required to take your vehicle to the dealership for your 30K, 60K, or 90K maintenance servicing to keep your vehicle under warranty. The only time you MUST bring your vehicle into a dealership, is if you are having repair work done that will be COVERED by the warranty.  If it is not covered by the warranty, you’re better off brining your Volvo to us.  

It doesn’t matter if you bought a brand new Volvo- or if you have had your Volvo for 20 years.  All Vovo will give you the best VALUE for your money- and the best way to keep your Volvo running. We are looking forward to seeing you and your Volvo soon!

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